ONPASSIVE Founder Income Calculator

This tool allows ONPASSIVE Founders to calculate their real income potential selling ONPASSIVE products. Use this tool to see exactly how much income you can generate as an ONPASSIVE founder.

Any bonuses are excluded from all calculations. This is due to the ambiguous terms for bonuses laid out in the ONPASSIVE Affiliate Agreement. If the qualifications are ever clarified, in writing, by ONPASSIVE, this tool will be updated to include bonuses. As the affiliate agreement is currently written there are no defined bonus periods, and the initial three month bonus terms fail to establish if it is a one-time bonus or one offered in perpetuity. If you feel it is wrong to have these excluded, please contact ONPASSIVE's legal team asking for them to provide you and all founders with a properly written affiliate agreement. It is your right to demand a valid, legal agreement with clearly defined terms and conditions from a company offering you remuneration for your efforts is growing their customer base and profits.

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The number of people in your ONPASSIVE Direct Downline; do not include those under your direct downline founders and customers. Only your "Level 1" referrals, not "Level 2" and higher.

The number of people in your ONPASSIVE Direct Downline who have already paid to activate O-Connect; do not include those under your direct downline founders and affiliates.

Enter the number of new customers you expect to subscribe to and pay for O-Connect monthly; not the number of free new accounts in your downline. 4 new customers per month = approximately 1 customer per week, 8 per month = 2 per week.


Churn rate is the percentage of customers you expect to cancel their paid subscription every month. The average churn rate for SaaS subscriptions (the model ONPASSIVE uses) is 5.4%. Zoom's most recent monthly churn rate was 3.0%, including business customers.

US Dollars (USD) $

The current, non-discounted price of O-Connect is $125 US Dollars per month.

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